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I'm Marianne Tissot,

Certified Wellness Coach, B.S, M.P.H

I started this service after realizing that even mental health services billed as “accessible” are unavailable to the majority of people.

Through Juicy Flower, I provide a safe space, reachable from any device, available in English and in Spanish, for anyone wishing to work on their relationship with love, sexuality, body image and/or gender. 


What I stand for

I’m here for a future where thoughts of who we “should” be “look like” no longer hold us back.


I believe that body liberation can be achieved throughout the gender spectrum. I believe there is no way to be in a respectful, authentic, safe relationship if we can’t establish a strong connection with our own bodies and minds.  


I believe that our relationships with food, movement, love, family, self-image, sexuality and gender are all connected. 


How I can Help

In addition to being a certified Health and Wellness coach, I am a trained psychologist with a Master’s degree in Sexual and Reproductive Health.

JuicyFlower is a HAES©-(HEALTH AT EVERY SIZE)-aligned, sex-positive, person-focused and trauma-informed coaching practice. 


I work from a holistic, multidisciplinary approach, drawing elements from cognitive behavioral science, Attachment-based therapy, Coaching, Expressive arts therapy and motivational interviewing. 

The Juicy Flower Philosophy


It is not my job to tell you what to do or how to live, and I don’t know your story more than you. It’s my job to hold a safe space for your process, reflect what I’m seeing, ask questions to help you find your truth, and support you in your healing. 

True For You

When I make recommendations, I’m adjusting for “does this feel true for you?” and if so, great! If not, my feedback goes out the door and we keep exploring. 

Specific Needs

I will not mock, pathologize, or belittle your hang-ups, fears, and challenges. I will make space for your specific needs and support you in living, loving and working true to yourself and your values.

Coaching Space

The coaching space will be casual, kind and easy-going. You are free to say anything, think anything and share anything without fear. 

Arrive As You Are

The coaching space is not a place for political correctness of censorship. You are free to arrive as you are, even if that means bringing some traditionally controversial or “problematic” thoughts. 

One Size Does Not Fit All

I will tailor my approach specifically to every individual and their needs. We each have a different story and as such, I don’t practice a one-size-fits-all philosophy. 

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