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JUICYFLOWER  is an online coaching service for people of all genders and walks of life who want to work on their relationship with their bodies, their sexuality and/or their pregnancy and postpartum experience. It is a HAES©-(HEALTH AT EVERY SIZE)-aligned, person-focused and trauma-informed coaching practice. 


It is an online-only fixed rate service consisting of an initial free one-hour discovery consultation and subsequent 30 minute appointments booked at your convenience. 


JUICYFLOWER was born out of the need for financially accessible, easy to navigate, one-on-one, personalized mental health services. 

To book a free one-hour discovery appointment please fill out the application form you'll find at the link on the bottom of this page or go to "Apply". 

Every subsequent session will cost $30 and last half an hour. The fee must be paid in advance in order to book the session. 

E-mails and texts between appointments are free.