Sex and Love

Find out what your relationship patterns are, how you learned to love and what the ideal scenario is for you. Whether you are looking for love, in a monogamous relationship or ethically non-monogamous , you deserve to feel safe , accepted, included and loved. 

Preganancy and Post-partum

Pregnant people and new parents don't have to power through pain, depression, anxiety, guilt, exhaustion and trauma.  Raising humans is hard and gritty, (despite what certain Instagrammers might portray). Learn how to treat yourself with care, compassion and trust.


Food and Body Image

It is possible to thrive at ANY size and no one can live a full life while dieting, restricting, fearing, punishing and striving to shrink and change the size of their body.  

If you find yourself:

  • Avoiding specific foods or entire food groups when you haven’t been medically advised to do so in the name of “health” .

  • Cleansing/fasting or intentionally restricting while disregarding hunger/fullness cues. 

  • Feeling like you have to exercise to “burn off” or “earn” a meal. 

  • Moving and exercising through hunger, pain, illness or discomfort because you’re afraid to gain weight and/or lose muscle tone. 

Then please know that it is possible to direct that energy towards something more meaningful and let go of your fraught relationship with food and exercise.